This roadmap will show the goals I have and where I want to take these awesome Shades. I have many crazy ideas that I'm currently working on with a team that share the same vision on how big we can make this Shades world.

Also one of the main reason for this collection is to have a purpose in helping.

​The roadmap will evolve over time, and will become even more awesome.

​Shades are calling you, will you answer?




The launch of the first group of Soul Shades.


I'll be dropping soul shades every day until the complete collection is out, so everyone can have a chance to gather the ones they need, in order to become the ultimate shade master. 

At the same time I want to gather all the shades lovers in the world into a big community so we can grow together in this crazy adventure I'm building, and I promise, it is a crazy awesome adventure. So gather your most powerful shades and let's rock and roll!.​

​​​After the 75% of the total collection sale, skins/avatar will be release to each owner


The creations and release of backstories of each shades and the souls they have inside.

I'll be releasing the stories of each shades and the souls that are inside of them, also all the specs they have and how they can evolve even more, and many crazy things that are coming. So save your shades because is coming something awesome


Giving back and helping.

One reason for this collection is to help people, so after the total sale of the collection I want to give 25% to a charity to help people improve any difficulties with their eyesight 


The development of the Game and Dapp where users will be able to use the shades.

A game and app is one of the main steps of the shades world and i'm already creating a team with many talented people to develop the already pre-design of the game and how crazy it can evolve.

Got you powerful shades so you can handle what is coming?


Evolution of the shades universe.

The power of the shades will evolve to a new level where shades can expand to new frontiers and to amazing universes, with the support of the shades lovers we can achieve the impossible.

So let's conquer this together my dudes.